Civil Subpoena Requests

Please read the following carefully as these requirements will directly affect our ability to respond to your request.

Subpoenas issued by parties or individuals for information related to civil litigation (lawsuits filed in federal or state courts) must be delivered to our office address:

Blitz Telecom Services
Compliance Support
1213-J Liberty Road #104
Eldersburg, MD 21784


We do not accept civil subpoenas via email or fax. Nor do we accept them via the Law Enforcement online form.

When requesting information regarding the customer assigned a phone number, you must provide us with the telephone number being researched and the dates of service for the specific timeframe being requested since phone numbers can be ported.

Civil Subpoenas responses require a minimum of seven days to process but can take longer.

Requests for information beyond identification of a customer and their point of contact information may require additional research effort – for which we may require prepayment of a fee (which is calculated based on the specifics of the requests).

In the interest of timeliness, please provide an email address to which a response can be provided.


Additional Information:

BTS does not provide service to individuals. Our customers are service providers, resellers of business entities who may in turn be reselling the service to other parties (the actual subscriber who receive calls at that number). Our service only includes Direct-Inward-Dial (DID) phone numbers and the inbound calls to those numbers. In other words, calls can only be received on the phone numbers we provide – we do not offer Outbound calling – e.g. making calls from the phone numbers. Accordingly, our response will typically inform the requesting party of the name and contact information of the customer to whom the target number is assigned (to whom the agency must subsequently issue a further request to obtain information about the actual subscriber). BTS understands the importance of a timely response to these inquiries. Some matters may take longer than others to research, however, and response times will fluctuate (for example requests for information beyond the contact info for the customer having the target number).


CPNI Statement:

In compliance with the Federal Communications Commission Order concerning Customer

Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”) and the company’s CPNI Policy, customer information cannot be released without a valid subpoena, court order, search warrant or other formal demand from an agency authorized to request such information.